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Hi, and welcome to the website page...



I'm Dave Miles- Coordinator- Team6

I have been a fan of Patrick McGoohan for many years and I just wanted to say thank you Patrick for all the entertainment you have given me and the many millions of viewers too. What better way than to start off this wonderful accolade......


Team6 are very proud and extremely excited to announce the launch of the Project- The Patrick McGoohan/No.6 Statue Campaign.

For several months we have been working very hard to organise this amazing idea. Firstly contacting Portmeirion Trust with the initial idea then moving on to ITV who own the rights to the Tv series and finally contacting Six of One The Official Prisoner Appreciation Society who very kindly put me in touch with the McGoohan family.

Everyone is very keen to help, see the money raised and very excited at the prospect of a permanent memorial to Patrick McGoohan.

A permanent site has been agreed (In the grounds of Portmeirion Village) exact location to be discussed and agreed.

A Sculptor has been commissioned, the renowned Sean Hedges-Quinn who excels in his craft and his work is incredibly lifelike. Sean is also a big fan of The Prisoner.

The statue will be cast in bronze and will be life-size (6 foot 2 inches). Also along side the statue will be a full-size Rover (Guardian of the village) to keep an eye on No.6 (Rover will also be illuminated).

Statue Target is £90.000


There will also be a Thank you plaque featuring Major Sponsors who take up the Major Sponsor Package.

Major Sponsor Package is.....

A Special Certificate signed by Catherine McGoohan and Sean Hedges-Quinn.

Introductions to Catherine and Sean.

Your name or company's name permanently on the Thank you plaque.

Be the proud owner of a Very limited edition Maquette of the statue.


(Amount to secure The Major Sponsor Donation Package is £5.000+. Anyone can apply, individually or Company)



We are very touched that Catherine McGoohan has very kindly agreed to unveil the statue of her father. Making the event even more special.


Our huge thanks go to... Catherine McGoohan and Family, Robin Llywelyn, Penny Fray and Meurig Jones at Portmeirion, ITV, Roger Langley at Six Of One The Prisoner Official ( Appreciation Society and everyone who has helped in making this happen. Unfortunately the websites below are not a direct link.


You will be able to find information about raising funds on various websites, Portmeirion & Six of One websites, Prisoner related websites too. These will also feature updates, as well as here, so do drop by.


If you would like to donate to this Amazing Project then please click the donate button (Situated at the bottom of the page) or if you prefer to pay by cheque, send your cheque to...

Mr Stephen Woods- Treasurer Team6,

"Parkview". 5 Chelsea Mews, Owen Road, Lancaster, LA1 2AS Please make cheques payable to.. The Patrick McGoohan Statue Campaign.

(Please include an email address for receipt of cheque, Thank you).


(The details of everyone who donates will be saved but never shared. In the event of the project not happening, everyone will be refunded, either through PayPal or by post if a postal donation was sent. While the fund is being built up, no donated money will be spent.

Stephen Woods as Treasurer will keep all payments safely in the designated bank account, plus records of all payments.)


If you would like anymore information please email us at:


Thank you for your very kind donation





Dave...I'm based in Scotland, Maintenance Operative, huge Eric Morecambe fan, love painting, designing, restoring my Classic car. Classic car enthusiast nut and a member of the enthusiast's local club. Have various collections from Comedy and film to SI FI and TV. Also interested in old theatre architecture and history. Have known Stephen for over 20 years.

We have both had the pleasure of meeting Her Majesty' Queen Elizabeth.


Stephen...I'm based in Lancashire, Valuation Officer for the Civil Service and on the cusp of retirement. Major Girl group and female vocalists of the 50's & 60's collector and compiling extensive discographies of the artists.

Have known Dave over 20 years and I'm flattered he has asked me to be the Treasurer for his enthusiastic project. I guess that's down to my thorough approach to my pastimes.



Sean Hedges-Quinn


Here is Sean's first rough drawing for the design of the statue and I must say it's pretty amazing!!

We know Sean will create something rather special.




Here are some examples of Sean's Amazing




Starting from the left.....

Gracie Fields DBE, Dave Whelan, Emmeline

Pankhurst, Tom Weir MBE, Bobby Robson

CBE, Nat Lofthouse OBE, Arthur Lowe, James

Herriot OBE, Nat Lofthouse Relief, Sir Alf

Ramsey, Bob Stokoe, Ted Bates OBE





The Sculptor at work brining his creations to life
















you would like to know more about Sean's work, do visit his website












Catherine McGoohan

"We are very gratified to know there will be a statue Of Patrick McGoohan watching over the Village"










"Our members will be delighted about the statue proposal and we wish the

campaign every success. Patrick McGoohan was our Honorary president

for over 30 years and to have a life-size representation of the actor

"in the Village" will be the perfect place for his Number Six character to be

located and we hope he never escapes!"

Six of One, The Prisoner Official Appreciation Society















So it begins.....


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Writer Gyles Brandreth said...

"This will be a statue to the childhood hero

of the baby-boom generation"





If anyone has any fundraising ideas then please do get in touch we would love to hear them.



Limited Edition Run Colour Prisoner themed A3 Print (all sales after printing/postage costs go direct to the Statue Campaign.


Any Professional musicians in the London area who would like to give their time freely to an amazing exciting project Statue Campaign connected? Please email me.....Dave.

































" You'll be seeing me soon......I hope"


















Team6 : Dave Miles- Coordinator

Stephen Woods- Treasurer